lunedì 8 gennaio 2018

Italian Apple strudel recipe demostration

the amazing Italian Apple strudel recipe demostration, South Tyrolean apple strudel recipe, the basic recipe that make in the areas once a time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The classic recipe of apple strudel, those who do it with the dough, who with the pasta brisee but this is the basic recipe that they do in the high-altitude, with breadcrumbs as a base, there are those who do it with biscuits that make it sweeter and tastier, I've made that one classic. I ate it hot as soon as it was out of the oven and do not let it burn you, let it cool down for good and you will taste the goodness of the strudel. Very good, share the recipe in various social media and with friends. Subscribe to the channel to stay up to date;)

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